Lush Grass Distance

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    PURPOSE:  This will increase lush grass distance from 2x to 4x, depending on what you want

    PERFORMANCE:  There is only 2-3 FPS drop, however there are graphical glitches that will occur from time to time that are worse on some planets compared to others.  Try using the medium version of the mod instead of the high version if experiencing issues.

    COMPATIBILITY:  This mod changes LUSHHQOBJECTSFULL.MBIN and  LUSHOBJECTSFULL.MBIN so it doesn't work with any other mods that modify the same files.

    This mod is compatible with Megaliths and Shaidak's Generation 4.1+ 

    I have added a combined version of this mod and Big Things 3.1 since they are incompatible with each other.  


  • speaker_notes Installation

    Choose only ONE pack file to install:

    LushGrassDistanceMED: 2x grass distance increase
    LushGrassDistanceBigThingsMED: Combines Big Things 3.1 w/ 2x grass distance

    LushGrassDistanceHIGH: 4x grass distance increase
    LushGrassDistanceBigThingsHIGH: Combines Big Things 3.1 w/ 4x grass distance

    Note: Big Things 3.1 and this mod are not compatible separately, so combined version is included

  • event_note Changelog

    1.2- Added a version compatible with the new Big Things 3.1 mod

    1.1- Created 2 versions:  High and Medium.  High is 4x distance like in the initial release;  Medium is 2x distance for lower end PCs.

    1.0- Initial Atlas Rises Release


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