• description Description

    You're on a community planet, very cool!

    But your HUD is cluttered with all these icons from other players. You can't even see your own base icon anymore.

    This simple mod helps to reduce the clutter on your screen from the icons so you don't have to disable your HUD when on a planet with a lot of people. 



    This mod edits: 


  • speaker_notes Installation

    1. Go to your No Man's Sky directory in Steam:
    (SteamsteamappscommonNo Man's Sky)

    2. Browse to No Man's SkyGAMEDATAPCBANKS

    3. Delete the DISABLEMODS.TXT file.

    4. Move the MODS folder to the PCBANKS folder where you deleted the DISABLEMODS.TXT file

    If done correctly it will display the a mod warning when starting the game and the mod will be installed!

  • event_note Changelog


    • Changed the default 'BASEOTHER' icon to the smaller version already located in the files
    • Changed the default 'BEACON' icon to a smaller version
    • Changed the default 'MESSAGEBEACON' icon to a smaller version
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