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    I decided to start from fresh with this mod.  The current updated version of this mod covers all the bases that people previously asked for excluding the hyper jump distance part and some parts removed.  If you would like a custom tailored version of this mod please ask me here and I will gladly do it.

    RayRod helped me from start to end and he is working on a mega mod which will add a lot more.  Will add that when he is done.  These mods modifies NMS_REALITY_GCTECHNOLOGYTABLE and any other mod you have that modifies this same file would not be compatible.

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    Place only one of the files in your pcbanks folder.

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    Did a mini update on the mod.  I will do the rest tomorrow as it should be.  Sorry again for only doing this now, I received no notifications when replies were posted here, so I thought the mod was dead in the water.  That is also no excuse, I should still keep my mods updated.  I wont slip again.



    Added zero launch cost to the Mega mod as a seperate PAK file.  MOD.MegaZero



    Increased the Hyper Drive jump distance by 10

    Increased the Underwater protection suit

    Removed the long distance scan radius on the mega mod and repacked it as a separate mod minus the scan radius



    Reduced the Oxygen Depletion underwater, have not tested it out myself, please give feedback.

    Increased Hyperdrive jump distance, please test and let me know if it works.

    The mod is named MOD.MegaTest, it includes everything from the mega mod plus the two additions mentioned above.



    Added reduced launch cost.  This is _MOD.SuitJetpackProtection I added reduced launch cost to and it is added as a 5th PAK file named _MOD.Mega



    Increased the scan radius by 10.

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  • UpdatedApr 21, 2017
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