Intelligence Enhancer (Mod and Resource)

  • description Description

    This simple mod will enhance your intelligence to remind you that mods, in fact, work in multiplayer.

    Next time when you have the sudden urge to ask if a certain mod would work in multiplayer, simply install this mod, run the game, and read the title screen to enhance your intelligence by 1 and forego the need to ask a question already answered a million times.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    If you need a mod simply to remind you that mods work in multiplayer every time you run the game, you probably aren't smart enough to read instructions. I'm sorry


    If you want to include this mod in your mod as well, simply put the TEXTURE folder tree into your project folder and pack it with all your other content when packing.

    I ask you to include a screenshot of the title screen as one of the pictures to remind the people that mods do, in fact, work in multiplayer. You can place it wherever you want, it is not mandatory, but will be very much appreciated. You are free to include my name in anywhere, although also optional.

  • event_note Changelog

    Possible future plans:

    • Replacing more textures to remind people of the fact that mods do, in fact, work in multiplayer.


    • Added additional documentation in splash screen
    • replaced one more texture


    • Initial Enhancement
    • Only replacing one texture
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