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    This mod allows you to instantly jump/teleport between short-medium ranges in real-time by pointing in a certain direction with your crosshair and then pressing a hotkey.  Specifically The number 1 key. 

    Simplified instructions are included in the installation notes.

    NOTE: This is a lot of fun to use, but This script can be buggy occasionally. It's possible to teleport through the floor if not careful, so it's best used with infinite jetpack (which is also included by pressing the number 2 key) and also grenade tech to blast ur way out of the ground. 

  • speaker_notes Installation

    1. Download Cheat Engine from

    2. Extract "Instantaneous Travel.CT" to your desktop

    3. Double Click on "Instantaneous Travel.CT" and it will load through cheat engine...  

    4. Launch No Man's Sky

    5. On Cheat Engine click "Edit" on the top menu bar, then click "Settings" and once the "Cheat Engine Settings" window pops up.. type NMS.exe in the box next to "Automatically attach to process named"
    Example Here:

    6. On Cheat Engine press Ctrl+P to open the processes window, and then double-click NMS.exe and it will attach to the game.

    7. Press the number 2 key.
    8.  While in-game point at a (not too far) location and press the number 1 key.
    If you switch to the bolt caster you can teleport even further.

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