Instagrowth (Cheaty) Farm

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    This mod increases the growth rate of all (I think.) Plants for farming. There's no negotiations, use it or don't.



    This mod cannot be used with other mods that use the following files:


  • speaker_notesInstallation

    To install this Mod :

    1 - Remove, delete or rename DISABLEMODS.TXT from 
    Steam(SteamLibrary)steamappscommonNo Man's SkyGAMEDATAPCBANKS folder.

    2 - Place the "instagrowth.pak" file (inside the zip file) in your 
    ...No Man's SkyGAMEDATAPCBANKSMODS folder. 
    If that folder doesn't exist, create it ("MODS" not Mods or mods or else).

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