Increased Lush World Color Diversity

  • descriptionDescription

    Mod increases the color palette for LUSH biomes in NEXT. Currently NEXT utilizes 4 color types. This mod has increased this number to 16 while retaining NEXT blue and green RGB. Therefore, the mod incorporates 14 new colors which adhere to the new darker realistic tone of NEXT. In addition to the 16 color types there are now 64 possible alt.grass types (Secondary Grass). This essentially means the player will see the same 16 colors but each color now has 4 possible corresponding secondary grass colors, which work with the original color either through stylistic choice or a lighter tone of the original color while adhering to the new NEXT darker style. Lastly, the new 16 color type pool is also enabled for plants and leaves. All other aspects are left untouched. This is to avoid candy colors.

  • speaker_notesInstallation


    Place mod (_DarkerNEXTLushBIOME.ColorExpansion_V3t.pak) into Mod folder found in PCBANKS folder

  • event_noteChangelog

    Version 1.1 Changes

    Better Alt_Grass Variety

    Version 1.2 Changes

    Better Alt_Grass Variety

    Darker Plants

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