Increased Discovery Units & More Trading

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    Tatsujin's Increased Discovery Units & More Trading:

    NEW: I have added a version of this mod where you can have discovery unit increases WITHOUT the changes in terms of trading. (see changelog)

    **This mod changes DEFAULTREALITY.MBIN 

    This is my very first No Man's Sky mod! *This mod was inspired by droot1986's "Profession Explorer and Trader." I've decided to expand
    onto it a little bit and add Pathfinder support as well.*

    This mod increases the amount of units rewarded to a player for making discoveries and also increases the amount of minerals and items sold at galactic trade terminals greatly. I feel like the motivation for landing on a planet and scanning the flora/fauna is pretty low since it serves little purpose with the amount of units it gives you in Vanilla No Man's Sky. Also, the amount of things sold at terminals, especially minerals, are way too low. Upon installing this mod however, you will start to see space station and trading terminals offering 400-1,000 minerals instead of 30.

    Discovery Unit Increases:

    There are multiple .PAK files included with the mod that all differ in terms of how much discovery units are altered. Before choosing which .PAK you want, please keep in mind that these are the default values that the game has set place:
    Solar Systems: 5,000 units
    Planets: 2,000 units
    Animals: 1,500-2,500 units
    Flora: 500 units
    Rocks / Minerals: 500 units
    Save Points (Sectors): 1000 units

    The file named "DiscoveryANDTrading2x" multiplies these original numbers by TWO. (Solar Systems would be 10,000 instead of 5,000, 4,000 for planets, etc.)

    The file named "DiscoveryANDTrading3x" multiplies it by THREE, and there is also one that multiplies these values by FOUR.

    If you want, what I think, is a pretty balanced amount of units rewarded for playing, you might want to use the .PAK file labeled just "DiscoveryANDTradeIncrease." That version alters these values:
    Solar systems give 15,000 units, planets give 10,000, Animals give 5,000-6,000, Flora give 1,500,
    Rocks give 1,000 and Save Points give 5,000.

    If you want an OP build, go ahead and use the .PAK labeled "DiscoveryANDTradingCRAAZYYY." That version
    alters these values:
    Solar systems give 100,000, planets give 25,000, animals give 10,000-14,000, Flora give 3,000, Rocks give
    2,000 and Save Points give 5,000.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    1) Go to the game's installation path. (For Steam it should be located in: steamapps/common/No Mans Sky)
    2) Go to GAMEDATA.
    3) Go to PCBANKS.
    4) Make sure to delete ANY file that is called "DISABLEMODS.TXT"
    5) Create a folder within PCBANKS called "MODS"
    6) Choose between whether you want discovery unit increases with or without trading increase. These are both separated by folders. After you choose a folder, drop ONE of the .PAK files from the RAR archive into the MODS folder. (See the mod description for more information.)
    7) $$$$$ Profit $$$$$ :))))))))

  • event_note Changelog


    I was forced to remove the different "versions" of the mod where there were different multipliers for how much units you received for discoveries. (2x version where, instead of receiving 5000 units for solar system discovery, you would receive 10,000, 3x for 15,000, etc.) I will eventually remake this and I apologize if you were on of the first people to download it and figure out that it didn't even work at all. I should've tested every single one before uploading them. However, this mod should work. If you have any problems please put them in the comments. This is my first mod so I'm still really learning..


    I added back the different multipliers! Plus a little OP one in there as well. ;)


    Upon request, I have added a feature where you can have discovery unit increases without having the galactic trade terminals selling more resources.

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