Hot Spot Scan Range Extender

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    JefuslivesNMS Hot Spot Scan Range Extender - Plus!

    Among other improvements, this mod fixes the hot spot scanner (Survey Device) to make up for the larger distance between hotspots when filtering by type.

    • Increases the hot spot scan range from 400 units, to 700 units.
    • Increases speed multipliers for walking while using the analysis visor for a more balanced feel when zoomed in.
    • Increases the range at which structures can be identified with the analysis visor to 1000 units.


  • speaker_notes Installation

    Locate the No Man's Sky Program Files folder.
    Unzip the distribution file into ../GAMEDATA/PCBANKS/MODS/
    Rename or remove the file DISABLEMODS.TXT from ../GAMEDATA/PCBANKS/

  • event_note Changelog

    Oct 4, 2020 - Updated to support NMS Origins (v3.0x)

    8/21/2020 - Uploaded v2.62 - Increased walk speed percent at max visor zoom to 44% (from 33%); Increased hot spot scan range to 700u (from 666u)

    8/15/2020 - Verified working with Desolation v2.62

    7/23/2020 - Updated to support NMS Desolation, version v2.61

    5/14/2020 - Verified working with NMS version 2.42

    v2.41 - Updated 4/9/2020 - Works with NMS Beyond version  2.41 (Exo Mech Update)

    v2.32 - Updated 3/5/2020 - Works with NMS Beyond/Synthesis version 2.32 (Living Ship Update)

    v2.26 - released 2/10/2020

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