HoloPak for Atlas Rising

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    HoloPak for Atlas Rising

    This mod uses holo doors to replace all mechanical doors except those created via construction.
    This includes Habitable base pods, freighter bases, freighter stairways and freighter hangar doors.

    Your Freighter Hangar and your Freighter Base are drawn on a toggle from one another.
    This means if you go past the first airlock door, the game will load your freighter base and unload the hangar.
    This is why the airlock prevents you from going backwards if you've changed your mind half way thru.

    With this mod, there is no door to stop you from going backwards into a room that is not loaded.
    This will result in you falling into the freighter's hull and you'll likely have to reload your recent save game.
    Go thru both doors everytime and pause in the airlock to give the game a chance to load the other side.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Please make sure you have created a "MODS" folder in, and deleted (or at least renamed/relocated) the .txt file from, your PCBANKS folder.
    ·Copy _Mod-HoloPak.pak to your MODS folder located in your PCBANKS folder. (Overwrite if previous version exists)
    (Steam Path)/SteamApps/common/No Man's Sky/GAMEDATA/PCBANKS/MODS

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    ·Version 1.0 Revision Notes:
    Compiled my Holo Doors and Holo Hangar mods from Pathfinder together in one updated mod pak.

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