Holo Door Base Entrances

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    Holo Door Entrance Mod v1.3
    Due to the surprising popularity of this mod, having reached 1000 views and 99 downloads, I'll call it 100 and celebrate with an update!
    Version 1.3 now includes holo doors on the stairways of freighters as well as all the locations in v1.2!

    Tired of waiting for those freighter airlock doors to open so you can access your base?
    Accidentally save inside your freighter and now you're stuck inside?
    Maybe you just want your main entrance of your planetary base to have a holo door like the rest of the doors on your base..

    Introducing the "Holo Door Entrances" mod, which uses holo doors to replace the mechanical doors attached to non-deletable rooms.
    This includes Unclaimed Habitable base pods, Planetary Bases and Freighter Bases.

    Your Freighter Hangar and your Freighter Base are drawn on a toggle from one another. Meaning if you go past the first airlock door, the game will load your freighter base and unload the hangar. This is why the airlock prevents you from going backwards if you've changed your mind half way thru.

    With this mod, there is no door to stop you from going backwards into a room that is not drawn. This will result in you falling into the freighter's hull and you'll likely have to reload your recent save game. Therefore, if you do happen to change your mind as you go thru the airlock, keep going thru. Once you're in the main room, you can turn around and exit back to the freighter hangar.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Please make sure you have created a "MODS" folder in, and deleted (or at least renamed/relocated) the .txt file from, your PCBANKS folder.

    ·Copy _Mod-Holo_Entrance.pak to your MODS folder located in your PCBANKS folder.
    (Steam Path)/SteamApps/common/No Man's Sky/GAMEDATA/PCBANKS/MODS


    If this mod does not work:
    -please make sure your MODS folder is named in all UPPER CASE letters.
    -please delete, relocate or rename the .txt file found in the PCBANKS folder.

  • event_note Changelog

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    ·Version 1.0 Revision Notes:
    New mod; see mod description. TMK, this mod should not conflict with any other mods as no one else has modded the default rooms..
    This will even work with the Eucli-ea Mod..

    ·Version 1.1 Revision Notes:
    Fixed bug allowing you to connect a cube room (and possibly landing pad) to the door.
    Now the only thing that can be connected to the door is a ramp.

    ·Version 1.2 Revision Notes:
    Fixed mod so creating Landing Pads conjoined to buildings will now use a Holo Door for the default door.

    ·Version 1.3 Revision Notes:
    Replaced the freighter stairway mechanical doors with holo doors. This allows for faster travel through the freighter, the ability to observe hangar doors from inside the stairwell airlock as well as looks cool and matches the freighter base entrance doors.

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