Hobo Town – Roaming, Walking NPCs

  • description Description
    Hobo Town

    Hobo Town does the following:
    Adds walking, roaming "NPCs" that you can possibly interact with and kill

    The NPCs will also have a chance to attack the player:


    Difference between the two versions

    NPCs can be conversed with:

    Note: The game is coded so that you cannot shoot at a conversable NPC directly so you may have trouble murdering them with your guns.

    NPCs can be fed and will defecate:

    Note: This mod replaces the "TWOLEGANTELOPE" creature type.

    Special Thanks
    Monkeyman for the vast knowledge of the structs and his work on the MBINcompiler
    gregkwaste for the idea
    myself for making the mod

    This mod modifies the following vanilla files:
                |   CREATUREDATATABLE.MBIN

  • speaker_notes Installation
    • Download the mod
    • Unzip/open the downloaded file
    • Put either pak file to your MODS folder;
    • Delete DISABLEMODS.txt in your PCBANKS folder;
    • Happy times
  • event_note Changelog

    26/5/2019 1.1:

    • New version "Barrage on Humungous", replaces NPCs with Armored Humungous NPCs, currently very reluctant to attack
    • Tweaked herd spawn numbers, now herd size should be no larger than 20
    • Genuinely replaced the "TWOLEGANTELOPE" type and setup the data accordingly

    22/05/2019 1.0:

    • Initial Release
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