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    Small mod to force Hi-Res icons for on-planet locations.

    Playing this game on high resolutions (4k, QHD) has been tricky out-of-the box, it just hasn't as looked crisp and clean as it should. Credit to the author of the render-resolution mod here and reddit/steam configuration threads for making this game start to look respectable at high DPI, but one thing still bugged me; the super low res icons.  With the help of the awesome PSARC Decompile tool I managed to fix this, and this mod is the result, providing a simple way to get the game working with higher resolution icons. 

  • speaker_notes Installation

    As with most mods here unzip the archive, and place the pak file into the GAMEDATA/PCBANKS folder. Also recommend deleting the SHADERCACHE directory as well, and then run the game. 

    To remove it simply remove the hires icons pak, delete SHADERCACHE and restart the game once more.

  • event_note Changelog

    v0.1 - very first version, updated description

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