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    I find the current HD cloud offerings... unsatisfactory... So I made some. One is the NASA cloud texture used on everything ever since the beginning of time... It should be flawless. The other is a mishmash of cloud formations I cobbled together in to a texture tile for a sphere... It's not flawless, but I think it's neat. I tried to touch up all the rough spots, but big textures are big. I know I missed things. If you find something hideous, get me a screenshot clearly showing the issue from a ways away. I might be able to find it and fix it.

    THERE ARE TWO ATMOSPHERE TEXTURES IN NO MAN'S SKY. I'm not sure why, it only ever seems to use one of them. They're differenty, so I'm assuming there's a reason. I've preserved the size difference and split up the pair so you can mix and match. It's possible that somewhere somehow the game uses both textures on the same object and transitions between the two textures.

    So far, the game only seems to use "Texture 2".

    Anyway if you mix and match, things might get weird... or awesome... Who knows.

  • speaker_notes Installation
    1. You want a "Texture1" and a "Texture2" pak file. Choose one from each folder and place them in your "No Man's Sky\GAMEDATA\PCBANKS" directory. i.e. You should have a "_MOD.HDCloudsTexture1..." file and a "_MOD.HDCloudsTexture2..." file.
    2. As always, when changing mods, DELETE YOUR SHADERCACHE FOLDER.
    3. Finally, tell that special person how you really feel. Things will move forward with or without you, one way or another.
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