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    PURPOSE:  This mod will create giant creatures, mostly land/sea based, that can reach into the clouds!

    COMPATIBILITY:  This mod is incompatible with any mods that alter animals.  It is based on 
    "Fantastic Beasts", so that mod is incompatible with this one.  It specifically alters the files under  "METADATA-SIMULATION-ECOSYSTEM".  This mod works with the latest NMS v 1.38

    ISSUES:  When using the version of the mod with the biggest creatures, they will often spawn on top of you and kick you half way across the world.  This is an issue with the spawn distance that I haven't figure out yet.

    CREDIT:  This mod is based on the Redmas "Fantastic Beasts" mod, so without his mod this would not be possible.  I have simply tweaked some settings to get bigger creatures.  Use my mod or his, but not both.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Drop only one of the .PAK files into your MODS folder.  Follow the basic instructions for all NMS mods.

  • event_note Changelog

    1.2:  I have created 6 versions of the mod.  V1 has the smallest giant creatures but it is the most stable and realistic;  V6 has all giant creatures that reach into the clouds.  I recommend people start with V1.

    1.1:  Added more creatures to the giant creature list.  Increased draw distance to as much as possible.  I also added more variation to the size of the creatures to create some more variety.  This version is much better overall.  More improvements to come later.

    1.0  Initial Release:   The only giant creatures that spawn are Diplos, Triceratops, and T-Rexes.  Adding more giant creature types makes them spawn on top of each other and often crashes the game.  I will add more as I test more giant creature combos.

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