Getting Head (The Beheading) – Unlock Special Helmets for All Races

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    Getting Head

    Getting Head is a mod that lets the player access the Special Helmets with all races (including the X.O. Helmet), other than just the Anomaly.



    Beheading A

    Beheading B

    How to Use
    Using the Character Customiser, choose your race of choice, and select from the Presets to choose a helmet. All your previous suit customisations will be overwritten, but that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make.

    If you wish to use the vanilla heads once more, simply choose the last Preset of any race to reset your head beforehand.

    Since this mod is setup so that it uses vanilla scene nodes, IDs and descriptors, every single helmet is visible by every player, even if they don't have the mod installed.

    Eucli-ea - more than 400 new decorations
    Unlock All Emotes (Now with extra New Emotes)
    Intelligence Enhancer

    This mod edits the following vanilla files:

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Drag and drop to MODS folder is it really that difficult for you to understand

  • event_noteChangelog

    1.2 "The Beheading":

    • Updated to 2.0x
    • Added new Special Helmets and Special Armor for all races
    • New files:
      • Classics: includes all existing pre-2.0 Special Helmets
      • Beheading: includes 6 2.0 Special Helmets each


    • Updated to 1.77
    • Added new Special Helmet for all races


    • Updated to 1.75
    • Added new Special Helmet for all races


    • Added back Gek & Vykeen Special Helmet 1 to all races
    • Added Diving Helmet to all races
    • HG has gone not as far


    Updated for experimental 2/10/2018


    Removed Box head and stuff cos HG literally removed them from the models, have they gone too far?


    Initial Release

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