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    This is an All in one mod that I wanted to setup. There are many mods that do the same but I tweeked a few other things.


    Faster scanning and Scan Recharge

    Faster Walk and Sprint

    Faster Jetpack Recharge And Double Force

    Weapon out for 3 min unless you hold R or Run. NO WEAPON AUTO LOWER

    Maxsamegrouptech =  All tech for everything multi tool ships so on Default is 3 max grouped tech. I increased it to 6!

    Swimming increased x3

    No more break sliding down hills!

    Reverse Flight for ships!

    5% Ship Launch Cost

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Just drop ONE ver in your mods folder delete the DISABLEMODS.txt

    Files Modified





  • event_note Changelog

    Added faster scan for Creatures!

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  • UpdatedMar 28, 2019
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