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    This Mod adds alot more AI & Realism! Ships Spawn increased to Every Planet Outpost Spawn, Flyby Spawn, Space Flyby Spawn, Trader Spawn & Ambient Spawns.

    Also adds higher chance of Exotic type ships. Mod is still under Dev I will be updating it. After I get a finished ver I'm happy with I will then take requests for more versions with more battles police!

    AI Dockwaitmin = 1 min

    AI Docktimemax = 3 min

    Stations/Outposts are alot more busy! - Adjusted fly by Ranges and Amounts!

    Max traders x2

    Max Police x2

    Ship Alert Pirate Message reduced by Half

    Trader Hailing Enabled - Means you can talk to traders in there ship while flying and trade with them :)

    More Capital Freighter Spawns - More Frigates, Cargo Pods and More!

    S-Class Ships now fit right in Freighters - Thank you Djaevel Oplyse For Making this for Atlas Rises!

    AI Ships do not land on your Base Landing Pads - Thank you sixsocket69er For Making this!

    WARNING - Can cause performance issues, with current state of game optimization, and increasing amount of AI

    This mod is my Baby and will be Expanding :P

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Just drop ONE ver in your mods folder delete the DISABLEMODS.txt

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  • event_note Changelog

    Updated to lates ver of NMS! S - Class Ships are not fitting in Freighters again working on a Fix Soon!

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  • UpdatedMar 28, 2019
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