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    I DIDN'T MAKE THIS MOD. The author is darkm1. I'm just reuploading it because the original uploader deleted it and I think it's a great mod, I was desperately trying to find something like this and I feel a lot of people will appreciate it.

    The mod just removes the view distance fog. It seems it doesn't work for the rainy planets, though, and since I don't know how to mod I can't update or fix it. Hope someone with modding knowledge can fix it somehow.

    Will keep it for visibility unless the mod author asks me to remove it

    All credit to darkm1

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    drop the .pak into PCBANKS folder.

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  • Uploaderobippo
  • Mod Version1.0
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  • UpdatedAug 27, 2016
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