Flat Technology UI Icon Pack

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    Just for clarity: this mod does NOT replace chemical element icons - there are other mods for that.


    An icon pack inspired by the element replacement icon packs (as seen in the screenshots).

    Looks best with the likes of Simple Elements 2 and similar icon packs.

    This is a work in progress - I'm planning to replace the craftable products' icons and add them to this very mod, so far only the icons from the technology folder have been replaced, but keep your eye out for an update of this mod :)

    Any suggestions appreciated!

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Download the archive, unzip it and paste the included .pak file into your PCBANKS folder.

  • event_note Changelog

    v0.1 - initial release

    v0.15 - repackaged for compatibility, hopefully doesn't clash with any products mods anymore!

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