Flapping exotic wings

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    Seriously this is more of a joke thing that I had a great time with.  I decided to release it.

    seeds for ships in the image:
    0x5B4600BF2B2BAF67 white exotic - long wings - small top fin
    0x7D929F4F5D5EA426 red - exotic small wings

    credit for the idea goes to FelisImpurrator.

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    1. Makes a folder named MODS with capital letters (if you dont already have one)
    2. Make sure you move the DISABLEMODS.TXT text that is in the main pak folder to another place on your PC so you can back it up
    3. Boot the the game and enjoy!

    Now to remove the mod simply remove the file from the MODS folder.


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