Fix BluePrint Vendor

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    The BluePrint Vendor located inside a habitable base pod is deficient five blueprints.
    - Cuboid Room Frame
    - Infrastructure Ladder
    - Coloured Light (White)
    - Large Wall (Infrastructure)
    - Solid Cube
    - Creature Hologram (added in "Fix BluePrint Vendor" v1.2)

    This adds to an entire page of blue prints regularly unavailable to players, but featured in the game. Most of these were available to players in creative mode, but not any other mod. In addition, Creature Hologram has never previously been available in game.

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    Copy the _Mod-Fix_BP_Vendor.pak file into your "MODS" folder.
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  • event_note Changelog

    Files edited:

    Version 1.0 Revision Notes:
    Due to the fact this mod alters the same files altered by my "Grow Plants" mod (and "Lubrication Relocate" mod), I will make new revisions of each mod featuring this fix. If you have either of those mods, please wait for the new revision instead of using this mod as it may conflict with the pre-existing mod(s)..

    Version 1.1 Revision Notes:
    Removed entries for CAVEPLANT and WATERPLANT in the PURCHASEABLEBUILDINGBLUEPRINTS.MBIN as that is part of another mod, not this one..

    Version 1.2 Revision Notes:
    Found an original item hiding in BaseBuildingTable.mbin that wasn't even listed in the PurchaseableBuildingBlueprints.mbin. Added "Creature Hologram" to the list of buildable blueprints. This is not an add-on, this item already exists in game and players should be able to view the hologram pad when visiting your base, even if they don't have this mod.

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