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    Now updated for Atlas Rises! We're back in business!
    Hello, hi! Someone said they wanted fireworks. I thought, "I might be able to do that!" So I did! And then I did it again with a bunch more colors! Eleven more to be exact! It's a refitting of the old signal scanner model to act as a firework launcher. There are now three types to choose from! We now have single shot flares, looping flares (that loop after activation), and proximity flares!

    alsoalso, there's now only one PAK option:
    -Grass is great! (_GmrLeon.SignalFlare-NoGrassRemoval.3.0.pak)

    Tons of thanks to Monkeyman192 for their patience and guidance, as well as their work on the MBINCompiler. Many thanks as well to WinderTP, who guided me some time ago on how to add objects to the build menu and also taught me how to create new buildable tech groups. Also thanks go out to Gregkwaste & Tub0Crisco for the Model Viewer & NMS Modding Station respectively. Both tools have proven invaluable in the testing and prototyping of ideas that I've been working away at.

    Also cheers to the NMS Modding Discord, which has been a lovely place to toss around ideas and get help when I'm either completely lost or being stupid, if not both at once.

    PStho: if you're diggin' this, come join the moddin' party! We're always down for more folks tweakin' the game and makin' the impossible possible! Click this to pick up our tricks!

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  • speaker_notes Installation
    1. Download these jams!
    2. Unziiiip like ya gettin' down!
    3. Toss Grass is Great! pak in your No Man's Sky MODS folder. (Remember to ice that ENABLEMODS/DISABLEMODS.txt file! You're gettin' hot!)
    4. Enjoy and light it up folks!
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    3.crayola: we're back in business!

    2.spectra: we're colorful folks! we're online folks!

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