Fighters or Haulers or Science Ships Oh My

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    Fighters or Haulers or Science Ships Oh My

    This tiny mod will make your game spawn only the type of ship that you're looking for.  This mod is based on work that was originally done by Alex Marquis for his 'Only fighter ship' mod with a minor correction so that the freighters would still spawn correctly. 

    There are three mods included in this zip, one for each type of ship you might desire. (Shuttles are not in this mod, and if that's your thing, you go girl- fly your shuttle flag proudly.)

    Science (aka 'Explorer') Ships Only:

    Hauler Ships Only:

    Fighter Ships Only:


    This mod doesn't change the number of ships spawned in any given solar system.  You will still experience the same number of ships, but they will all be of a single class.  

    Note: This mod is not compatible with any other mods that change "AISPACESHIPMANAGER.MBIN". 

  • speaker_notes Installation
    1. Place one of the three files of your choice in the MODS directory
    2. Rename or remove the No Man's Sky GAMEDATA PCBANKS DISABLEMODS.TXT  file
    3. Start the game

    If you are looking to purchase (or find one crashed on a planet surface) a Science ship for enhanced long-range hyperspace jumps, place the _ChrispyTheRed.ScienceShipsOnly.1.0.pak in your MODS directory and start the game.  All ships in the game (other than freighters or sentinels) will be science ships.  

    If you are looking for haulers, yeah, you got this- use the '_ChrispyTheRed.HaulerShipsOnly.1.0.pak' file instead.

  • event_note Changelog

    2017-05-01 MayDay Release v1.0.

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