Fast Mining+LaunchCostReduction+HyperDrive base 1000Ly+MinerHeatTime Increase

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    A little addon that I put together that incorporates a reduction in launch cost, increased mining speed and increased hyperdrive range, not crazy, but just a bit more than default. Also increased the mining heat up time a little.




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    __MOD_SURV.CoastMining_LC_HD1000 is the survival option. Everything else is the same except the launch cost is right at 18-20% usage per launch.


    ADRYNAN - Survival Mode mod pak where launcher uses 4% on launch


  • speaker_notes Installation

    Install in SteamLibrary->steamapps->common->No Man's Sky->GAMEDATA->PCBANKS->MODS

  • event_note Changelog

    v2 - 04/02/2017 - Made a minor adjustments to laser and weapon damage as well as launch cost. If this is too much, please let me know. It is just under 10% and I fattenend the launch tanks a little.


    SURV - 04/03/2017 - Made a change to the launch cost for Survival Mode players. This should allow you to get roughly 5 launches per tank. If you want to use this one, select the PAK file marked with SURV.


    ADRYNAN - 04/03/2017 - This is exactly the same as the SURV mod, however,the launcher uses 4% each launch

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