Extended FOV Changer (UPDATE: Support v1.55 STEAM)

  • descriptionDescription

    This Trainer Removed Limit Value 100 FOV on foot/ship (FP View and TP View) and this tool to helping fixable for multi monitor. 

    GOG Patch 1.55 is delayed 

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    1.Extract NMSNEXTFOVChangerTrainerSTEAM/GOGv1.55.rar >  Open NoMansSkyFOVChangerSTEAM/GOG.exe > play a game

    or use Optional Cheat Engine table 

    Extract NMSNEXTFOVChangerCTSTEAM/GOGv1.55.rar > When in Game Alt+Tab to desktop > Open CT File > Open process NMS then back to the game 

    2.Press Hotkey :
    ] for increase FOV Foot (FP View or TP View),
    [ for decrease FOV (FP View or TP View),
    Up Arrow for increase FOV Ship (FP View or TP View),
    Down Arrow for Decrease (FP View or TP View)

    Created By Susahamat (WSGF)
    For Support you can donate me on PAYPAL(KEVINSESARIO): https://www.paypal.me/kevinsesario
    or send gift digital steam wallet to [email protected]

    thanks for your kindness , i'll update for future patch and keeping alive :)

  • event_noteChangelog


    • Support for game version 1.55 (STEAM)


    • Support for game version 1.54 (STEAM)


    • Support for game version 1.53 (GOG)


    • Support for game version 1.53 (STEAM)


    • Support for game version 1.52.1 (STEAM)


    • Support for game version 1.52 (STEAM)


    • Reduce Value FOV From 15 to 5 When Using FOV Foot Hotkey on Trainer
    • Support for game version 1.51 (STEAM)


    • Reduce Value FOV From 15 to 5 When Using FOV Foot Hotkey on CTable
    • Cheat Engine Table added
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