Exocraft Mining Laser Damage Temporary Fix

  • descriptionDescription

    Increases the damage of the Exocraft's basic mining laser from 8 to 360 (In the mod files, this increase is from 10 to 450).

    The exocraft's mining laser will now be more powerful than a good multitool. As a turret and considerably larger weapon than a handheld multitool, I would expect the laser's power to scale accordingly.

    The "8" damage that the mining laser does in default NMS is a bug and this mod attempts to fix or at least balance the weapon.

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Download the zip then place ONE OF THE .pak files into No Man's Sky / GAMEDATA / PCBANKS / MODS.

     - PLEASE NOTE that using the AML .pak file will stop your from being able to use the AML in your multitool. Due to limitations of Mbin compiler I cannot yet create a separate weapon for this to work.

    To use the advanced mining laser function of the exocraft's mining laser, you MUST build the Advanced Mining Laser blueprint into your exocraft.

  • event_noteChangelog

    -- 1.15 --

     - Restored original .pak as optional into the download

    -- 1.1 --

     - Added advanced mining laser functionality (requires technology: advanced mining laser)

    -- 1.0 --

     - Initial release.

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