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    We are looking for showroom builders! Contact us if you think you've made a nice room with our decorations!

    If you want to support me as a filmmaker, feel free to watch my latest short film "Blackwhite" and share it with people you know:

    Eucli-ea adds 326 new buildable objects that are either already present in the game but were not made available to players, or new flags and emblem with different themes.

    This mod currently adds:

    • 146 additional decorations;
    • 13 interactive decorations, these decorations include crates and boxes that give the player materials or technology;
    • 59 gardening plants and rocks;
    • 4 types of NPCs;
    • 44 new flags and emblems;
    • The Direct Unified Materialisation Protocol (D.U.M.P.)Station that can be built anywhere, allowing freighter storage access anywhere! Go to the Tech category to build it;
    • 58 letters and punctuations;
    • There are rumors lately saying that there is a faint voice penetrating the cosmos, seeking its chosen one... Perhaps one would only find the source of the voice in the most anomalous or places.

    Available as a standalone mod, or as an addon for BOTH theFisher86's SimCity 5300 mod and Kremit DeFrog's Grow Plants for Farming mod. Now also incorporates Kremit DeFrog's Fix BluePrint Vendor.

    Most of the objects will be present in your build menu when you open the game, to get interactive decorations, go to your base shop and buy the decorations.

    Included Flags and Emblems:

    • Main Galactic Hub Flag by morgvom_org
    • Main Galactic Hub Emblem by morgvom_org
    • Main Emblem, inverted colors
    • Galactic Cartographer Emblem by Denjo92
    • Exocraft Racer Emblem by TheMarco
    • Galactic Hub Flag by TheMarco
    • Galactic Hub Flag by tragedyfish
    • Galactic Hub Flag by salaba-red / Kesbet
    • Galactic Hub Emblem by salaba-red / Kesbet
    • 2 Galactic Hub Flags by Elytron77
    • Galactic Hub Emblem by Elytron77
    • Galactic Hub Flag by Qwerty12489
    • 2 Galactic Hub Flags by Korvaccine
    • 2 Galactic Hub Emblems by Korvaccine
    • 7 Alliance of Galactic Travelers (AGT) Emblems
    • Empire of HOVA Emblem by GtaHov
    • Hello Games Logo
    • Yebdishtei Flag and Emblem by Qwerty12486
    • Pandarian Empire Flag and Emblem by A_SavagePanda
    • Arcadia Project Emblem by Axiom1380
    • Deep Thought Collective Emblem by mistakeordesign
    • Amino Hub Emblem by BoidGaming
    • Conure Republic Emblem
    • Nesdorinux Project Emblem and Flag by Acolatio
    • Constitutional Monarchy of Yokoso Emblem by CinnamonMcSwirls
    • No Man's Sky Love Emblem by LawOfEvolution
    • The Chosen Emblem by professorbaibai
    • 4 Earth Flags by various artists


    Modified file list:


    Other files are newly added and should not interfere or be interfered with other mods.

    Compatible with SimCity 5300 and Build Plants for Farming with the "SCTree" version.


    Special thanks to:

    alexo1001 for making the "Galactic Hub Flag & Emblem" mod;

    theFisher86 for making the glorious SimCity 5300.

    monkeyman192 for helping me find out many secrets in the MBINs, many decorations would not exist without his help!

    Nadalee for the suit model, that really makes the chamber shine!

    Both mods inspired me to make this standalone mod, which originally started as just the SimCity addon.

    Everyone who created the emblems and flags for the Galactic Hub, you are the ones that make this mod possible in the first place!


    Additional details:

    This mod uses parts of alexo1001's "Galactic Hub Flag & Emblem", theFisher86's "SimCity 5300" and Kremit DeFrog's Grow Plants for Farming and Fix BluePrint Vendor, the respective parts of the mod will be removed upon either of mod's author's request.

    Version number is now independent to SimCity 5300's as the amount of added objects got out of hand.

    I personally will not likely update this mod for Darc Tech, as I'm using 40 other mods and therefore don't use Darc Tech myself. However, the process of making any mod that adds buildable objects are rather simple (you literally copy & paste some text and be done with it), so if anyone is willing to make this mod compatible with Darc Tech, I'll be more than happy to share my experience and give instructions.

    Permission information:

    morgvom_org and 7101334's flag and emblems are licensed under CC-BY-SA, so their flag and emblem textures and the mod itself is released under the same license. However, anyone who wishes to include this mod in their compilation MUST remove all the additional emblems and flags from the mod, as well as the Suit Chamber, as those are the works of other creators and I have no control nor authority over their release other than in Eucli-ea itself.

    Flags and emblems by Denjo92, salaba-red, TheMarco, tragedyfish, Elytron77, Qwerty12489, Korvaccine, Gtahov, Axiom1380, A_SavagePanda, mistakeordesign, BoidGaming, Acolatio, CinnamonMcSwirls, LawOfEvolution, professorbaibai and creators of AGT emblems are used with expressed permission, thank you for helping us help you help us all!

    "Visions of the Future" posters are Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech. Gallery of the full-sized images of the posters are available at . For details of the JPL Image Use Policy, visit .

    One particular Earth Flag designed by Anne Kirstine Rønhede, licensed under CC-BY-SA.

  • speaker_notes Installation
    1. Download the mod
    2. Unzip/open the downloaded file
    3. For the standalone version, put "__MOD.Winder.HubFlag.pak" into your No Man's Sky mods folder;
    4. For the SimCity 5300 and Grow Plants for Farming addon version, YOU MUST HAVE BOTH MODS INSTALLED OR IT MAY CAUSE INSTABILITY OR CRASH YOUR GAME. Put "__MOD.Winder.HubFlag_SCTree.pak" into your No Man's Sky mods folder, and make sure it's alphabetically higher than SimCity 5300 and Grow Plants for Farming's pak file so that my mod is loaded first
    5. (Optional) put "_MOD.Winder.HubFlag_CubeSnap.pak" into the mods folder to enable paving/cube infrastructure to Cuboid Rooms snapping abilities.
    6. (Optional) Delete everything in the SHADERCACHE folder
    7. Happy times
  • event_note Changelog

    Plans for update:

    Future plans will also include vertical/ wall flags.

    If anyone would want to help me on making the mod, find me on discord:[email protected]#7241 

    I welcome anyone in a No Man's sky community to ask me to add their flags or emblems, I'll consider them if they match the game's general aesthetics.

    09/07/17 Minor Bug Fix:

    • Fixed Gardening - Rocks category not appearing on _SCTree version.

    09/07/17 1.5 "Road to the Lost Times":

    • Added 18 new decorations
      • 8 Doors in Additional Decorations 1
      • 1 Campfire in Special Decorations
      • 8 Scorched Plants in Gardening - Plants
      • 1 Scorched Rock in Gardening - Rocks
    • Added one huge conspiracy - remember to talk to more people
    • Separated Gardening category into Gardening - Plants and Gardening - Rocks to reduce menu lag

    28/06/17 Minor Bug Fix:

    • Fixed the ultimate gift not obtainable

    15/06/17 1.4.2 "Watch and Listen Update":

    • Added 28 new decorations
      • "Cinangsin" Vintage Tape Deck in Special Decorations
      • 15 "Visions of the Future" Posters, designed by creative team of visual strategists at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, located in the new "Posters" category
      • 3 Watchtower/Watertower in Additional Decorations 1
      • 3 "Half" Paving / Cube in Infrastructure
      • 6 Community Emblems and Flags
        • Conure Republic Emblem
        • Nesdorinux Project Emblem and Flag by Acolatio
        • Constitutional Monarchy of Yokoso Emblem by CinnamonMcSwirls
        • No Man's Sky Love Emblem by LawOfEvolution
        • The Chosen Emblem by professorbaibai
    • Tweaked Disco Floor Panels so they look extra shiny
    • Reorganised build table categorisation list per user request
    • Updated compatibility with Grow Plants to v2.1

    Changes to _MOD.Winder.HubFlag_CubeSnap.pak:

    • Tweaked Paving and Cube snapping capabilities, allowing snapping without creating a hole in the cuboid room wall
      • To achieve this, first snap the object to the cuboid room, then look at the TOP of the cube room and rotate the object. On the other hand, to create a hole, snap the object, then look at the BOTTOM of the cuboid room and rotate the object

    30/05/17 1.4.1 "Part Hard Update":

    • Added 13 new decorations
      • 2 Disco Balls which can be placed under ceilings
      • 2 multi-spot lights
      • 3 colour-changing fill lights
      • 4 beam lights
      • 2 coloursiable Disco floor panels which can be placed in Cuboid Rooms
    • Added functionality to the two Pavings and Cube infrastructure to allow them to snap to cuboid rooms and capsule rooms, released in "_MOD.Winder.HubFlag_CubeSnap.pak"
      • Landing Pads can also snap to cuboid rooms
      • Also edited cuboid room connection part to hide see-through edges
    • Fixed "Sai-Cyunsung" Tiny Stargate and "Mongjyun" Mini Turret can't be built

    22/05/17 1.4.0 "Technological Advancement":

    • Added 19 new decorations in Additional Decorations 
      • 3 "Server Stack" objects with snap stacking capabilities
        • The "Zyugeibaan" Server Stack Base needs to be built before servers can be stacked
    • Added icons to all added objects
    • Modified many object names into Ikea-esque names, also changed discriptions of some objects
    • Modified the tall hologram projector so that it actually touches the ground
    • Modified Korvax Traveler to make it spawn Korvax in non-Korvax systems, this is a temporary fix which only spawns one single particular Korvax
      • The bug is likely to be a vanilla one which cannot be fixed by modders
    • Fixed Large Rock 6 having the model of Large Rock 5
    • Updated "Grow Plants for Farming" compatibility to 2.0

    16/05/17 1.3.5 "For Use in Hazardous Environment Conditions":

    • Added 6 new decorations
      • 1 Standing screen in Additional Decorations 2
      • 2 Hologram projector in Additional Decorations 2
      • 2 Exosuit chambers in Special Decorations
      • 1 ITE in Tech
    • Modified Machinery decoration and the tall Recipe Stand so that they touch the ceiling in pod rooms

    15/05/17 1.3.4 "Spend Nanites, buy friends":

    • Added 4 buildable NPCs
      • One of each race, one for current system which will change race depending on the dominant race of your current system
    • Added "NPCs" Category
    • Added "CREATEHOLOGRAM" in compatibility version, as per Kremit's request
    • Fixed Amino Hub Emblem not showing up in creative mode (normal version)
    • Fixed one of the Globe Projectors' globe not spinning

    14/05/17 1.3.3 Cost Balancing:

    • Balanced building costs for all objects
    • Fixed material icons
    • Changed Amino Hub emblem image

    11/05/17 1.3.2 "Gardening Update":

    • added "Gardening" category
    • added 59 new buildable objects
      • 2 Emblems
        • Deep Thought Collective emblem by mistakeordesign
        • Amino Hub emblem by BoidGaming
      • 57 Gardening plants and rocks
        • 14 normal small trees
        • 13 normal shrubs
        • 20 rocks
        • 1 Navada tree
        • 1 Navada shrub
        • 3 Rainforest trees
        • 4 Rainforest shrubs
        • 1 Rainforest rock
    • added snap points to Sandpit for farming plants
    • incorporated Fix BluePrint Vendor, thanks Kremit DeFrog!
    • added Grow Plants for Farming compatibility
    • removed Buildable Custom Trees compatibility as no one seems to be using it

    08/05/17 1.3.1 "Words":

    • added 84 new buildable objects
      • 58 large letters and punctuations
      • 3 decorations in Additional Decorations 1
      • 13 decorations in Additional Decorations 2
      • 2 decorations in Sepcial Decorations
      • 1 decoration in Interactive Decorations
      • 6 decorations in Miscellaneous Decorations
        • Federation Emblem by morgvom_org 
        • Yebdishtei Flag and Emblem by Qwerty12486
        • Pandarian Empire Flag and Emblem by A_SavagePanda
        • Arcadia Project Emblem by Axiom1380
    • fixed junk crate, now they have junk in them
    • fixed positioning of Medbay Beds so that they can be placed closer to walls
    • attempted to fix added decals so they are removed when they are floating, not sure if fix is working
    • changed a few object descriptions

    03/05/17 1.3.0 "The Sky, Earth, Man Update":

    • Added 13 new decorations
    • Added 2 emblems
      • HOVA by GtaHov
      • Hello Games Logo
    • Renamed every added object, will be renamed again after adding icons
    • Fixed positioning of several decorations, allowing them to be placed closer to walls
      • Medbay Beds cannot be fixed because their animations would look trash
    • Fixed two wall lights so that actually give out visible light
    • Fixed the circular planter with screen so plants can be placed in it
    • Recategorised decorations
    • Restructured decals and flags file structure, greatly reducing file size
    • Pressed X

    23/04/17 1.2.3 "The Ball Shacks Update": Added 6 decorations, 2 custom decorations, and 2 flag and emblem by Luminari.

    21/04/17 1.2.1: Added 7 AGT emblems, changed categorisation, name and descriptions of the Hub and AGT decorations.

    20/04/17 1.2.1: Added the blueprint of Direct Unified Materialisation Protocol (D.U.M.P.)Station into the base shop that was forgotten.

    20/04/17 1.2: Added 42 decorations, 3 flags and 2 emblems by Qwerty12489 and Korvaccine.

    15/04/17 1.12c: Added 3 flags and 2 emblems by alaba-red/Kesbet and Elytron77

    15/04/17 1.12b: Second version, changed file structure slightly, added 2 flags and 3 emblems made by 7101334, Denjo92, TheMarco and tragedyfish

    13/04/17 1.12a: First release version 

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