Eucli-ea – More buildable decorations (SimCity 5300, Buildable Trees compatible)

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    We are looking for showroom builders! Contact us if you think you've made a nice room with our decorations!


    Eucli-ea adds 77 new buildable objects that are either already present in the game but were not made available to players, or new flags and emblem with different themes.

    This mod currently adds:

    • 37 additional decorations;
    • 13 interactive decorations, these decorations include crates and boxes that give the player materials or technology;
    • 26 new flags and emblems;
    • The Direct Unified Materialisation Protocol (D.U.M.P.)Station that can be built anywhere, allowing freighter storage access anywhere!

    Available as a standalone mod, or as an addon for BOTH theFisher86's SimCity 5300 mod and uthegamer3009's Buildable Custom Trees mod.

    Most of the objects will be present in your build menu when you open the game, to get interactive decorations, go to your base shop and buy the decorations.

    Included Flags and Emblems:

    • Main Galactic Hub Flag by morgvom_ord
    • Main Galactic Hub Emblem by morgvom_ord
    • Main Emblem, inverted colors
    • Galactic Cartographer Emblem by Denjo92
    • Exocraft Racer Emblem by TheMarco
    • Galactic Hub Flag by TheMarco
    • Galactic Hub Flag by tragedyfish
    • Galactic Hub Flag by salaba-red / Kesbet
    • Galactic Hub Emblem by salaba-red / Kesbet
    • 2 Galactic Hub Flags by Elytron77
    • Galactic Hub Emblem by Elytron77
    • Galactic Hub Flag by Qwerty12489
    • 2 Galactic Hub Flags by Korvaccine
    • 2 Galactic Hub Emblems by Korvaccine
    • 7 Alliance of Galactic Travelers (AGT) Emblems


    Modified files:



    • "Mods that add more buildable objects or modify buildable objects cost"
    • "Mods that add new craftable products or modify craftable products cost"
    • "Mods that add or modify purchasable blueprints in players base shops"
    • "Mods that modify default save data, including default known products and technologies"

    in English.

    Other files are newly added and should not interfere or be interfered with other mods.

    Compatible with SimCity 5300 and Buildable Trees with the "SCTree" version.


    Special thanks to:

    alexo1001 for making the "Galactic Hub Flag & Emblem" mod;

    theFisher86 for making the glorious SimCity 5300.

    Both mods inspired me to make this standalone mod, which originally started as just the SimCity addon.

    Everyone who created the emblems and flags for the Galactic Hub, you are the ones that make this mod possible in the first place!


    Additional details:

    This mod uses parts of alexo1001's "Galactic Hub Flag & Emblem" and theFisher86's "SimCity 5300", the mod will be removed upon either of mod's author's request.

    Version numbers is now independent to SimCity 5300's as the amount of added objects got out of hand.

    There are plans of adding the other emblems as decals, but only if I have time. I'm writing a dissertation and I already don't have much life yet.

    I personally will not likely update this mod for Darc Tech, as I'm using 40 other mods and therefore don't use Darc Tech myself. However, the process of making any mod that adds buildable objects are rather simple (you literally copy & paste some text and be done with it), so if anyone is willing to make this mod compatible with Darc Tech, I'll be more than happy to share my experience and give instructions.

    Permission information:

    morgvom_org and 7101334's flag and emblems are licensed under CC-BY-SA, so their flag and emblem textures and the mod is released under the same license.

    Flags and emblems by Denjo92, salaba-red, TheMarco, tragedyfish, Elytron77, Qwerty12489, Korvaccine and creators of AGT emblems are used with expressed permission, thank you for helping us help you help us all!

  • speaker_notes Installation
    1. Download the mod
    2. Unzip/open the downloaded file
    3. For the standalone version, put "__MOD.Winder.HubFlag.pak" into your No Man's Sky mods folder;
    4. For the SimCity 5300 and Buildable Custom Trees addon version, YOU MUST HAVE BOTH MODS INSTALLED OR IT MAY CAUSE INSTABILITY OR CRASH YOUR GAME. Put "__MOD.Winder.HubFlag_SCTree.pak" into your No Man's Sky mods folder, and make sure it's alphabetically higher than SimCity 5300 and Buildable Trees's pak file so that my mod is loaded first
    5. (Optional) Delete everything in the SHADERCACHE folder
    6. Happy times
  • event_note Changelog

    Plans for update:

    Future plans will also include vertical/ wall flags.

    Plans also include, decorations that are already in game but not currently buildable (tables, crates, etc.). I would really appreciate anyone who is able to find scene files in the game files that looks interesting, or some help with dealing with the process of adding them into the different tables.

    Plans to existing decorations include object icons and building cost balancing.

    If anyone would want to help me on making the mod, find me on discord:[email protected]#7241 

    I welcome anyone in a No Man's sky community to ask me to add their flags or emblems, I'll consider them if they match the game's general aesthetics.

    23/04/17 1.2.3 "The Ball Shacks Update": Added 6 decorations, 2 custom decorations, and 2 flag and emblem by Luminari.

    21/04/17 1.2.1: Added 7 AGT emblems, changed categorisation, name and descriptions of the Hub and AGT decorations.

    20/04/17 1.2.1: Added the blueprint of Direct Unified Materialisation Protocol (D.U.M.P.)Station into the base shop that was forgotten.

    20/04/17 1.2: Added 42 decorations, 3 flags and 2 emblems by Qwerty12489 and Korvaccine.

    15/04/17 1.12c: Added 3 flags and 2 emblems by alaba-red/Kesbet and Elytron77

    15/04/17 1.12b: Second version, changed file structure slightly, added 2 flags and 3 emblems made by 7101334, Denjo92, TheMarco and tragedyfish

    13/04/17 1.12a: First release version 

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