Efficient Harvesters

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    [why are they so useless?]

    the harvester tool had a very low harvesting speed and was very expensive to build, so it became kind of useles, so i thought why don't speeding up things, and making them more efficient/useful. sadly I couldn't make the amount of gatherd resources per harvester higher so I needed to find another way. now the harvesting tool only costs one energy cell and 20 iron, so you don't need to craft many things to build one anymore, also the mining speed is about 6 times faster, and I increased the limit from 5 to 20 per source.

    I recommend takin your resources and the cargo exocraft to drive to different sources, deploying a signal, building your harvesters and returning later.


    happy harvesting!



    - low recipe costs

    - 6 time higher mining speed

    - 20 harvesters per source

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    just drop the pak into your PCBANKS/MODS

  • event_noteChangelog


    - release



    -Pathfinder 1.23 fix

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