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    This replaces those useless shacks with the objects that many have asked for from the E3 trailer. They have no collision or interactivity, but look cool. Sadly there were 0 that had floating rocks and I'm unable to change that, sorry about that. If you don't like how common they are I recommend you use a mod that lowers building spawn rates.

    The is a 1x and 2x files that change the size of the objects

    Note: This is my third mod ever :P

  • speaker_notesInstallation
    • copy and paste .pak file into NoMan'sSky/GAMEDATA/PCBBANKS
    • Delete Sharderchache¬†
    • Enjoy

    Note: I recommend you backup your saves

  • event_noteChangelog

    V1.0 (initial release)

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  • Mod VersionV1.0
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  • UpdatedSep 14, 2016
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