E3 Space Fog + Space Smoke

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    I attempted to recreate the space fog, that used to be present in this pre-release trailer No Man's Sky: Infinite Worlds.
    This mod also introduces new procedural multi-colored space clouds, new procedural space smoke, space debris effects, slight fog on the edge entrance of space stations and other features.  
    The fog density is procedural and it won't also be as thick.

    NOTE: This will likely not be noticeable with black space or dark space mods because it will be too dark to see the fog.
    Also, this video is slightly outdated. I haven't recorded a more updated one yet. Feel free to try this mod for yourself and take a look.

    Please report any issues... thanks.

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    This mod will conflict with anything that modifies:

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Extract "RaYRoD's E3 Space Fog + Space Smoke.pak" into your MODS folder.

  • event_note Changelog

    The space fog is now very subtle and never overwhelming, yet it can be thicker in some areas.... I also added space smoke.


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  • Uploaderrayrod
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  • UpdatedJun 17, 2017
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