E3 SHIP HUD (Original E3 Trailer Ship HUD)

  • description Description

    Welcome to my FIRST MOD EVER! I am new to the NMS Modding section, but a veteran in the NMS community ? I really wanted to contribute, so I decided to start learning the modding ways, and started small with updating a mod that was created by DeckyDooles.

    • Changes the Font to match the E3 Demo
    • Changes Ship HUD to match the E3 Demo

    • None as of yet. Please leave any issues/concerns/suggestions in the comment section below.

    • RaYRoD: Tester and advice guru ? Check his Community pack here!
    • DeckyDooles: The modder that inspired me to start modding, as well as the mods original owner! 

    • Add me on Discord!: woozypictures#5694
    • Check my YouTube out!

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Simply extract the .pak from the ZIP, drag and drop to PCBANKS>Mods.


    Note: If you have any tips/suggestions for a new modder let me know down in the comment section. Furthermore, I have tested this mod with MOST other mods and it works correctly! If there are any incompatible mods do let me know.

  • event_note Changelog

    1.0 Initial Release

    1.1+1.3 ATLAS RISES COMPATIBLE!!! Also i did some slight reshading on the graphics.

    1.5 NEXT compatible

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