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    This mods lets you choose from 2 different types now, one with only E3Monoliths and 0 current ones and also meaning they're uncommon. Or can have a Mixed file while removes Plaques but has variety of current monoliths and E3 ones, and makes E3 ones a bit more common. 

    WARNING: the 3 knowledge stones that are usually around the Monolith are no longer there (only for All version). I'm ok with this as I think it was too easy to learn languages. Also the Mixed one does remove the plaques, which can contain a lot of lore if you're into that, so if you still want those I recommend the All version if you don't mine the lack of variety.

    (Also if you're concerned about the .pak files having a chance of being edited, it shouldn't effect the game at all. But this is otherwise a warning if you're concerned about this)

    Note: This is my first mod ever for any game and I just hope you enjoy this simple reskin mod. A possible version also could be all Knowledge Stones will all be Monoliths, so if you'd like that please tell me in the comments. And I'm really sorry if this mod gets limited updates, because I'm very new to modding and just starting to get into game making myself. I'm also only 14 and have school work to do. I really do hope you understand. Thank you


    Also if you see someone on twitch, NMS Amino or discord called ReptillionFreak, that is also me.

  • speaker_notes Installation
    • copy and paste .pak file into NoMan'sSky/GAMEDATA/PCBBANKS
    • Delete Sharderchache 
    • Enjoy

    Note: I highly recommend you backup your saves

  • event_note Changelog

    Version 1.0 (initial release)

    Version 1.01

    •      Renamed the file to _.E3MonolithsV1.01.pak (got rid of _.MOD) to make it compatible with BigThings  mod.

    Version 1.10

    • Added a mixed version, that makes E3 monoliths more common and also have original Monoliths as well. This does remove Plaques sadly, but I may make an Alt. versiont hat removes Knowledge stones instead, but this could get buggy with default Monoliths.

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  • UpdatedSep 7, 2016
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