E3 Beacon zoom out effect (NEXT)

  • description Description

    I'm the guy who made this mod for Atlas Rises, now working on NEXT!

    This MAY not work for some people, try it to know if it works!

    This mod replaces the "zoom out" effect like we saw at the E3

    The effect i'm trying to replicate: https://youtu.be/hI2mA6i8aus?t=5m12s

    Important note: this modifies the animation for the beacon pole (the big one), it does NOT modifies the animation for the portable beacon.

    ->Please let me know if the mod doesn't works or if it works!

    ->Changed distance: 2,000 -> 100,000 (50x more!)

    If you want to have this effect in-game by default, feel free to ask them in Zendesk 

    but don't harass them to implement it, please.

    Enjoy! -MettaliKk

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Step 1. Delete that "DISABLEMODS.TXT" in your GAMEDATA/PCBANKS folder, he conquered Mars already

    Step 1.1. Delete the SHADERCACHE folder in your GAMEDATA/ folder too 

    Step 2. Create a folder named "MODS" in that GAMEDATA/PCBANKS folder as well

    Step 3. simply put the *.pak file in the "MODS" foler you've just created

    Step 4. Enjoy!

  • event_note Changelog

    1.0: Initial release, this time for NEXT!


    • Updated game files, now the mod works on the 15/08 experimental update (build 3034427)
    • Beacons now should have the animation, it worked for me without other mods installed


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