Diverse Environments

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    This mod was created to reduce the "samey" feeling that the players gets after exploring a few planets. it achieves this by spawning more than ten types of props per planet in addition to the ones generated by the Vanilla version of the Game. 

    also it does not reduce the need to leave a planet  , because , now we have 10 additional prop types per planet, so this would lead to a chance of 10^10 ( which is a 10 billion+ combinations of props) prop combinations , which is much more compared to the existing 4^10 prop combination in the vanilla game.  so now there is a much more reason to explore a single planet and also search for diverse environments in other planets.

    so happy exploring!

    this mod best works combine with MEGALITHS , SHAIDAKS GENERATION and RAYROD'S CUSTOM BIOMES MODS.

    hope you all enjoy.


    thanks to  user @ziulits (nms mod discord name)  for testing the mod and providing screenshots .

  • speaker_notes Installation

    extract the rar file , and place the pak file in the mods folder.

    this mod wont work with any mods that alter the level one spawn table in METADATA folder.

    also some screenshots are included in the rar file.

    report any bugs here , since its still in ALPHA stage.

  • event_note Changelog

    v 1.0 release (small bug fix)


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