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    Part 2 of the X3000 series balance mods. This mod focuses on two areas of difficulty, and affects Normal and Hard modes in different ways.

    Adjusts hazard protection falloff rates in Normal mode to match those of Survival and Permadeath. It does NOT modify galaxy generation in any way. You will still find carefree and safe planets, as the ranges are much lower in Normal than on Hard modes, but extreme planets and hazards will be an actual challenge and require the use of upgrades. 

    All Modes: Hazard protection recharge has been mildly increased in caves and in your ship. (I get the point of the long recharge, but really, it was just boring sitting there.)

    Base Oxygen protection duration has been doubled in all modes.

    Sentinel Speed has been doubled. No more outwalking the space cops.



    All base damage has been increased to match the Hard mode rates. This makes Normal a decent challenge, without all the extra grind attached, while Extreme Sentinel planets remain uncommon and pirates spawn at Normal mode rates (instead of every 2 min exactly).


    Survival and Permadeth use Multipliers on the base damage stats. Anywhere from 1.5x to 3x. With the base damage changed, Hard modes can now InstaKill. For those who truly enjoy a challenge and feel Permadeath was too easy, I DARE YOU!

    But really, Survival gets pretty easy once you get even 1/3 of the upgrades. This should, at minimum, inject some life back into late game saves. Otherwise, stick with the new and improved Normal mode.

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