Decal – Nigel Thornberry

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    Hi all,

    Im a Dev in the industry and thought I would have a go at trying to get good old nigel in game for my base.

    Im thinking of adding in a ton of new ones and making some kind of pack, if people like the sound of that and have some suggestions on what they would like in (personaly I want the alphabet) let me know.

    Its a really crude mod, it writes over the green blob decal but I havent had a chance to see how the thumbnail in the base editor is loaded so I can edit that or had time to make new ones completley. But like I said if people want new decals in the game, I can make that happen.

    PS. sorry the aplha is a little pixely I can fix that if/when I do a pack.

    Have a nice day

    Dan x

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    delete mod disabling text document in NMS directory

    create MODS folder

    drag the extracted .pak in


    go to green blob decal in base editor and when you place it should be nigel.

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