Dark Enviroment Scanner

  • description Description

    Another super simple mod from me!  This one simply make the blue from the scanner go away.  I figured binoculars in real life make things look darker not blue.  So I made this and I hope you enjoy.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    1.  Makes a folder named MODS  (if you dont already have one)
    2. Make sure you move the DISABLEMODS.TXT text that is in the main pak folder to another place on your PC so you can back it up
    3. Boot the the game and enjoy!

    Now to remove the mod simply remove the file from the MODS folder.

    Special thanks to GaticusHax for helping me figure out what was going wrong with my images

  • event_note Changelog

    Updated for NEXT

    Update 2:  Made blue and green boxes black to match new dark scanner!

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