DARC FLIGHT – Low Fast Reverse on Planets and in Space – for Pathfinder Update

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    Hi there,

    proud to present


    for Pathfinder Update.


    This is VERSION 2.0 which includes 6 different Flight-PAKs and you can chose your own favourite !  

    All types include LOW flight and the ability to go under water.


    The PAKs in detail:


    The original Darc Flight. Let´s you go really fast in space and on planets and reverse on planets. May cause in strange landings, if the landing area is not free of plants, rocks and animals.


    Original Speed, but low and reverse on planets.


    Faster than the vanilla NMS, bit not as much speeded up as the first Darc Flight. Probably the best mixture. Reverse flight included.


    Let´s you go low and really fast but without reverse. For Speed-Fans.


    Offers an extreme accelaration while boosting in space but with only a bit more speed on planets. Includes reverse flight.


    Only LOW flight. Not speeded up and no reverse. Just go into water and through canyons.





  • speaker_notes Installation

    Chose ONE pak.

    Put into MODS Folder as all other mods. And delete disablemods.txt if you don´t have yet.

    Be sure to delete other Darc-Flight versions or flight mods you installed before in MODS Folder.

  • event_note Changelog

    2.0 Added different Flight Mods - Chose your favourite !

    1.1 Bugfixes + Ability to go underneath rocks and into water.

    1.0 release

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