Crescent Worlds

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    This mod changes the way that planets are rendered both when you're inside an atmosphere and out in space.

    Please note that this is not a 'realism mod'. While the results from this mod are certainly more realistic than what the game does by default, the goal of this mod is to replicate the old rendering style that NMS had in pre-2016 videos. 
    Some examples of what that looked like, courtesy of Reddit user boomeranguy24 :


  • speaker_notes Installation

    To install, simply place one variation of the mod into your PCBANKS/MODS folder.

    More detailed instructions and descriptions of the different variations can be found in the zip folder.

  • event_note Changelog

    1.1.4 - Crescent Worlds is now compatible with the Atlas Rises update! Note: I will add the black space versions later, when I have more time.

    1.1.3 - I haven't had much time to work on this, so this update is mostly bugfixes.

    • Implemented a fix (created by Lo2k (Thanks!!)) to make the crescent of distant planets always correctly point towards the sun, even when it is under the horizon of the planet you are currently on. 
    • Made the cloud texture on distant planets more visible.
    • Added subtle cloud rotation to the cloud texture on distant planets.
    • When in space, the dark side of the planet nearest to you will now function properly.


    1.1.2 - Thanks to fellow modder Rapta, the issues that some people were having with version 1.1.1 have been fixed!

    1.1.1 - This time I have expanded the mod into space, with the goal of matching pre-release space screenshots.

    • Dark sides of planets will now better blend into the space background color.
    • The bright sides of planets now have the same 3D-style atmosphere that I introduced to on-planet view a few updates ago, rather than their vanilla flatshading.
    • Further tightened up atmo-to-space color fade transition.
    • Made the cloud texture on distant planets more subtle. I'm still fine tuning this.


    1.1.0 - A few improvements this time around:

    • I've tightened up the transition of fog colors on the dark side of planets as you enter/leave an atmosphere.
    • The dark side of distant planets is no longer visible when you're flying in an atmosphere.
    • Atmospheric highlights now get a slight tint from the planet's atmosphere color.


    1.0.9A - Upon further request, I've added another version that has black space with some nebulas. [This version is still listed as just 1.0.9 in the files. Do not panic.]

    1.0.9 - A fix to the texture of clouds on distant planets. ALSO! -> By popular demand, I've made a version of this mod that mimics Dark Space, since the this mod and that one are incompatible.

    1.0.8 - I've re-enabled the effect on the parent bodies of moons. It was disabled in version 1.0.1 due to how the planets would look dark and out of place when up close, but I've addressed that problem in 1.0.7 . Example:

    1.0.7 - Despite the faded outline of update 1.0.6, I still felt that the planets looked a bit flat. To add to that effect, I've added a planetshine that makes the planets reflect light in a way that seems less flat. 1.0.6/1.0.7 comparison:

    1.0.6 - I've changed the method I use to hide the atmospheres of distant planets. Now, instead of hiding it, it will become a very faded, very feathered version of what it is in space. This makes the planets look like they fit in the sky more, because they now have a very subtle soft edge.

    1.0.5 - I've fixed an issue (Seeing the glow of the sun from under you while it is nighttime) that has to do with a file difference in the experimental branch and the public branch of NMS. If you are using experimental, or are on GoG's NMS 1.2.4, use "CresentWorlds.1.0.5.EX.pak". Otherwise, if you are on the public branch, use "CrescentWorlds.1.0.5.PB.pak". Once the public branch of NMS gets updated, you should only need to use .PB, otherwise the shaders will error.

    1.0.4 - The latest NMS patch (1.2.4) moved some stuff around in one of the shader files. The files in this mod have been updated to remain compatible. If you have used the 1.0.3 version of this mod since NMS was updated, delete your SHADERCACHE before starting NMS up again.

    1.0.3 - It's still not quite 100%, but I've greatly improved the way the dark sides of the worlds are hidden. You won't be able to see the faint outline for most of the daytime now.

    1.0.2 - I've finally dealt with those pesky bright atmosphere outlines. The outlines of distant planets are tweened out as you approach a planet's surface, and are fully restored once you go back into space.

    1.0.1 - In response to some feedback that close-up planets look weird with this effect (such as if you're standing on a moon and looking at the parent planet), I've made this effect distance-based, so it will not affect moon to parent-planet viewing. I've also included 1.0.0 in the zip as well, in case you prefer that version.

    1.0.0 - First release!

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