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    CONSTRUCTS is a mod that attempts to introduce various fully custom sci-fi objects into the game, adding mysterious, artificial structures spread across different planets. This mod is also a tech demonstrator of the tools available for the import of new 3D assets into the game.

    ===[ FEATURES ]===

    • Adds a variety of objects, sometimes massive, into the game that spawn as part of the world!
      • There will be at least two variants per planet, appearing on all planets except dead planets!
    • Completely new models and textures created by yours truly!
    • Structures with procedural elements - including the all new procedural skyscraper AND spire tower system!
    • Structure with a functioning trade post and landing pads!


    The CONSTRUCTS mod is at a very early stage of development and relies on tools that are still approaching maturity. As such, there are quite a lot of withstanding bugs that are frequently unsolvable despite the available tools. They are listed below:

    • Some models have broken collisions. You will either clip right through these models or the collision overall is incorrect.
    • A clipping/disappearing polygon issue occurs when getting too close to models that have large faces. This also occurs on vanilla objects, such as freighters and buildings. This is unfortunately due to the way No Man's Sky handles frustum culling and is an issue that can only be fixed by Hello Games.
    • Some models may experience graphical glitches, such as having strange box-shaped holes on small areas. This is an issue visible with Hello Games' default props!
    • Some structures have incorrect rendering of normals.

    If you have encountered any of these issues, be rest assured that I am aware of them and am constantly looking for a way to solve them especially as updates to the tools are brought by.

    ===[  PLANNED FEATURES ]===

    • Definitely MORE CONSTRUCTS in the future and as tools mature, more ambitious ones such as...
      • More procedurally-generated models.
      • Enterable structures with interiors such as dungeons!
    • Monolith-style interactions or something more complex!
    • Potential multi-phased quest system spanning different worlds!
    • Sandworm. Yes, that's right, sandworm. The sandworm, however, will most likely be built as an animated, dynamic prop (much like other CONSTRUCTS) that can hurt the player as opposed to being a scannable, AI-driven procedural creature type if mod tools ever allow getting there.
    • Stuff in space. Like space whales or asteroid ruins! That is, once a method to spawn-in objects in space is exposed. (so let's keep pressuring Hello Games for a formal mod SDK, explorers!)

    ===[ CREDITS ]===


    gregkwaste - the man behind No Man's Model Viewer, the quintessential tool for testing custom content, and the Blender export plugin, allowing this mod to exist in the first place!

    monkeyman192 - maintainer of the MBINCompiler tool through which ALL modding rests upon! Also helped developed the Blender export plugin!

    Nadalee and thegamer3009 - for contributing ideas for models and techniques!


    It takes GREAT time and effort to produce even just a single model! Help me get myself fed so I can work on more mod content and rescue me from my boring life of being a graphic design freelancer!

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Copy the .PAK file into your PCBANKS/MODS folder. If you do not have that folder, create it. Delete any text file that is labeled "DISABLEMODS.TXT" inside your PCBANKS folder. Be sure to clear your SHADERCACHE before running!


    A compatibility patch is currently in the works for an upcoming mod by Nadalee called Ancients. Watch this space!


    Otherwise, mods that attempt to modify BUILDINGTABLE are not compatible with CONSTRUCTS and as such, mods that attempt to change the density of in-game buildings will interfere, but most mods that add new non-structure objects should naturally be compatible!

  • event_note Changelog

    [ Release 5B ]

    • Bug fixes, bug fixes, bug fixes!
      • A rendering issue that has been around since before PFU involving curved surfaces not having smooth shading has been fixed! This fix has been applied to all new models.

    Flat shading VS smooth shading fix

    • Some unused parts I made for the procedural towers from R5 have been added into the mod!

    [ Release 5 ]

    • Introducing a completely new fully procedural structure archetype, the procedural spire system with more than 6561 permutations (that's just counting the parts, not the layout, lighting, nor texture variations, which when included probably shoots up into the millions)!
    • A completely revised spawning system makes it so that non-procedural and procedural Constructs now spawn in equal chance!

    [ Release 4C ]

    • Minor fix: Correct spawning file has been shipped.

    [ Release 4B ]

    • Minor fix: procedural towers apparently spawn very small. Scale has been rectified.

    [ Release 4 ]

    This is the first Constructs update for Path Finder!

    • Constructs rendering strangely have been fixed by updating them to a new, more standardized normal map format introduced with Path Finder.
      • Which has coincidentally reduced R4's file-size from 172MB to just 136! Thanks, Hello Games!
    • An old Constructs model has had its textures revised and retrofitted!
    • Two new Constructs have been added!
    • Constructs spawn density have been drastically reduced to match that of Shelters - to address the problem of mission-important structures required by Path Finder to be nearby.
    • The procedural skyscraper models introduced in ALPHA 3 now have a greater chance of spawning!

    [ ALPHA 3 R2 ]

    This is a minor hotfix that brings down some issues!

    • A Construct that shipped with the prior release was not added to the spawning list - it is now.
    • Procedural skyscrapers no longer overscale due to a wrong multipler in the spawn list.
    • Minor revisions on some of the new models.

    [ ALPHA 3 ]

    This new update introduces several new models!

    • 7 new hand-crafted models by yours truly that use the game's freighter textures! All new Constructs will be built with re-usable textures in order to cut down on file size! (From 15MB per new Construct, to 300-500KB per Construct!)
    • Procedural skyscrapers in 3 archetypes and lots of parts to choose from!

    [ ALPHA 2 ]

    This is a fairly rushed update focusing on improving compatibility with other mods!

    • Four new custom models have been added. It's a pretty small addition for now, I know!
    • CONSTRUCTS is now fully compatible with any other model-spawning mod, for as long as it does not use BUILDINGTABLE, including Megaliths!
      • CONSTRUCTS now uses a completely different spawning system, via BUILDINGTABLE, inserting themselves among the list of in-game vanilla structures such as outposts, depots, shelters, transmission towers, and the like!
      • At least two kinds of CONSTRUCTS will now appear per planet!
      • CONSTRUCTS in general have been made rarer, following the game's default building density.
      • CONSTRUCTS will no longer spawn clumped up or overlapping!
    • Fixed collisions for some older models and added more graphical effects!
    • CONSTRUCTS can no longer be destroyed by grenades!
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