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    CONSTRUCTS is a mod that attempts to introduce various fully custom sci-fi objects into the game, adding mysterious, artificial structures spread across different planets. This mod is also a tech demonstrator of NMSDK, the specialized Blender plugin and toolset for creating custom No Man's Sky content!

    ===[ FEATURES ]===

    • Adds a variety of objects, sometimes massive, into the game that spawn as part of the world!
    • Completely new models and textures created by yours truly!
    • Structures with procedural elements as demonstrated in the procedural spires, procedural towers, and procedural silos!
    • Trade post with functional landing pads and terminals!

    ===[KNOWN BUGS]===

    • Some models have odd collisions. These objects will be rectified soon.
    • Some structures have incorrect rendering of normals. These objects will be rectified soon.


    It takes GREAT time and effort to produce even just a single model! Help me get myself fed so I can work on more mod content and rescue me from my boring life of being a graphic design freelancer!

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Copy the .PAK file into your PCBANKS/MODS folder. If you do not have that folder, create it. Delete any text file that is labeled "DISABLEMODS.TXT" inside your PCBANKS folder. Be sure to clear your SHADERCACHE before running!

    As CONSTRUCTS may change the distribution of structures on existing planet, some existing quests may be invalidated requiring you to reset them.

    ConstructsAR.Core - contains all the core assets for Constructs. Does not use any existing
    ConstructsAR.Spawner - this spawns Constructs on planets.+ Uses METADATASIMULATIONENVIRONMENTPLANETBUILDINGTABLE.MBIN

    + Due to the game seemingly no longer reading building density settings, Constructs now replaces certain POI types in the game - beacons in the wild and trade terminals in the wild. Rest assured, no known essential activities are linked to these items.

  • event_note Changelog


    [ Release NEXT 1 ]

    • First release of Constructs for No Man's Sky NEXT! Many models skipped in previous releases have now been included, except for models entirely lost due to missing source files.
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