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  • description Description

    The subtitle 'Community Edition' added to the intro screen as a subtle reminder that the game you are playing has been made significantly more enjoyable by the modding community.

    Following security concerns I am moving my mods to Nexus Mods. Please follow this link to download:

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Unrar the archive, choose the font style you want by folder name, and copy the .pak file inside to your NMS installation GAMEDATA/PCBANKS folder.

    Be sure to remove any older versions of the mod from GAMEDATA/PCBANKS!

  • event_note Changelog


    • Fixed 'smol man's sky' bug, title should now appear properly on 1.07 version of NMS.
    • Restructured archive to prevent future conflicts with older/newer versions of the mod.


    • Five different font styles: SegoeUI, Aovel Sans, CabinSketch, and NMS' own GeoSansLight in lowercase and smallcaps.
    • Now with accurately centered text, better antialising and subtle drop shadow.


    • First version.
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