Cockpit Cloak

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    Now updated for Atlas Rises! I've extended functionality to the new exotic ships, and fully hidden all new cockpit elements, so we're back in business!

    Note: this is an incidental duplicate of Disable Cockpits. Where it rescales the interior, I remove texture calls and with Atlas Rises, rescale certain fixed elements, such as the new holomap. So the end effect is the same, despite different approaches.

    With this mod (as an indirect request from Kyle Culver [@Kulver], who makes lovely videos), I've hidden the cockpit's interior by removing the calls to its textures! It's perhaps not the most graceful way it could have been accomplished, but it gets the job done.

    I'm hopeful that this mod will enable our mini-filmmakers in the community to capture even more thrilling videos, as now they can view the 'verse unobstructed.

    As before, many thanks goes to Monkeyman192 for MBINCompiler, and a ton of thanks goes to WinderTP, who shared their save with me, enabling me to test and ensure this worked as intended with every ship type. Also, many thanks go to Kremit who helped me sort out hiding the holomap!


    PStho: if you're diggin' this, come join the moddin' party! We're always down for more folks tweakin' the game and makin' the impossible
    possible! Click this to pick up our tricks! Same time, if ya want more active discussion, feel free to check out the NMS Modding Discord.

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  • speaker_notes Installation
    1. Download these jams!
    2. Unziiiip like ya gettin' down!
    3. Toss _GmrLeon.CockpitCloak.2.0.pak in your No Man's Sky MODS folder. (Also, remember to vaporize that DISABLEMODS.txt file! You're seein' everything!)
    4. Enjoy and open ya eyes folks!
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