Closer Structures Mod

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  • descriptionDescription

    This mod makes it so all the structures generate close to each other.


    (So I guess there was a site rollback because the latest version is not there after checking back after a couple of days...)


    New update does 2 things

    1. Structure scenes generate a distance of 250 away from each other. (stops ground textures bug and improves general terrain gen)
    2. All structure scenes are now classed as "cluster" scenes and have the maximum chance for extra features like cargo drops, plutonium fields and other buildings.



    Old update does 2 things -

    1. Structure scenes spawn a distance of 200 away from each other
    2. Structure scenes have maximum addon chance, for example a settlement will have multiple shelters and other objects.


    Save at a space station before applying this mod just in case the ground changes around you, also works fine if you start a completely new game.

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Just extract the pak from the rar and place it in No Man's Sky/GAMEDATA/PCBANKS folder.

    (Only use one of the paks, preferably the latest version)

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