Cheaty Convenience Mod Prototype

  • description Description

    Cheaty Convenience Mod Prototype for NEXT

    Working features:
    ✓ Increased technology upgrade stack by 49
    ✓ warpdrive distance Increased to retarded (+110m ly)
    ✓ 1 warpcell = 10000 warps
    ✓ Instant ship scan recharge
    ✓ Instant on ground scan recharge
    ✓ Instantly scan fauna and flora
    ✓ Scan Distance Increace
    ✓ Build anything anywhere (except in no build zones in freighters & stations)
    ✓ Starship Hover & move backwards
    ✓ Increaced minimum character HP
    ✓ Increaced minimum ship HP
    ✓ Extreme jetpack fuel tank (almost undepletable)
    ✓ Faster exocrafts
    ✓ Larger exocraft boost tanks
    ✓ Faster swiming
    ✓ Blaze javelin charge time reduced
    ✓ No takeoff launch cost
    ✓ Endless energy for Terrain manipulator
    ✓ Ship rocket launchers reload and over heat time reduced
    ✓ Overall ship damage Increased
    ✓ Instant multitool weapon recharge
    ✓ Less multitool weapon recoil
    ✓ Farmable plants grow time reduced to 1min and 40s
    ✓ cuboid planter no longer needs recharging
    ✓ OP instant kill(almost) mining laser + very little overheat
    ✓ No more auto ladder climb
    ✓ Unlimited life support
    ✓ Increaced elemental hazard protection duration time
    ✓ Reduced hazard damage over time

    Not working (still looking for values)

    ✖ Underwater ship
    ✖ X100 stacker seems to be only work on substances and not products

    NOTE: it seems like the mod euclid-ea is affecting this mods feature > build anything anywhere.
    I tried reaching out to the modder to help resolve this mod conflict but was told to just set the RemoveBaseBuildingRestrictions value to true within the TKGRAPHICSSETTINGS file, which is located inside the binaries folder


    Street cred

    jagersprinkes   for the DECEARING EGG MOD


    Lawofdecay  for _NoMan'sSky_LadderNOautoclimb_Law_II






  • speaker_notes Installation

    If your on steam > Go to: 

    Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonNo Man's SkyGAMEDATAPCBANKS

    delete > DISABLEMODS.TXT

    Create a folder and rename it to > MODS

    Drop the Cheatty_Convinience_mod_Prototype.rar in the MODS folder.



  • event_note Changelog

    ver 0.1
    Initial Release

    ver 0.2 added:
    Brighter wall lights
    No more auto ladder climb

    ver 0.3
    Pulse engine is now rechargeable again.
    Removed brighter wall lights due to modder complaints
    Link to mod:

    ver 0.4
    Unlimited life support is now in effect
    Fixed a problem where some tech became unchargeable due to my haste

    ver 0.5
    Hazard protection increased

    ver 0.6
    warpdrive jumps per cell increased from 1 to 10000

    ver 0.7
    fixed a bug that kept players from buying/using new helmet cosmetics

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