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    CAPITALism Mod (currently updated for 1.33)

    You knew all along right? That vendor sitting behind the desk looking at you funny and you just knew he wasn't going to sell you what you really needed. No more!

    Wave your CAPITALism card* in front of his face and watch his eyes light up with joy as he knows he's going to make a sale today!

    Visiting a Galactic terminal can sometimes be frustrating when you see only a dozen products or resources being offered, virtually none of which are useful to you. With your CAPITALism card* the number of offerings are by minimum doubled (sometimes a lot more!). The offerings will be from the mundane to the unique but there will almost always be a surprise.

    You will find unique and hard to obtain products and resources. That doesn't mean you'll be able to pay for it all, but at least you'll find them for sale.


    Mod Notes:

    First, I am not a "modder" I was interested in decompiling the files, found some tools, looked around and this is the first thing I saw and thought.. "hey that could be neat".  So, install at your own risk..

    There are two versions, both offer the same increase in items being sold (and quantity) the difference is the "lite" version just opens up the number of items, while the "full" version removes all the limitations of what the game cannot  (and probably should not) offer you!

    Please keep in mind the "Full" version may unlock items that are not intended for sale, no longer valid items in the game and other weirdness. It also doesn't happen all the time, it's random, so you might have to go to several terminals (including Freighters) to find the truly unique stuff. Use the full at your own risk, I have not tested this beyond basic gameplay, I am not sure what having a unique item might do to the story line (I assume nothing) but this mod could potentially be used for circumventing an especially hard task and where's the fun in that?

    Versions: (compatibility is indicated by a number that matches the NMS release and comes after the below file name)

    _CAPITALismLite - Increased number of items for sale at Galactic Terminals (recommend this one)

    _CAPITALismFull - Increased number of items for sale at Galactic Terminals also includes items the developers did not want sold at terminals or otherwise cannot be purchased. (Recommended on a second playthrough or just messing around)


    *note: you don't need a card, it's automatic :)


    (Atlas Rising Compatible 1.33)


    Currently updated to 1.33

  • speaker_notes Installation

    (Steam Path)/SteamApps/common/No Man's Sky/GAMEDATA/PCBANKS/MODS
    - Please make sure you have created a "MODS" folder in your PCBANKS folder (MODS folder is CaSe SeNsItIvE).
    - Delete (or at least renamed/relocated) the .txt file in the PCBANKS folder (if it exists).
    - Select the mod version you wish to use and copy only that .pak to your MODS folder. Do NOT copy more than one .pak from this mod; they will conflict.

    ·· Please note I am not a professional, this mod is subject to load order and may interfere with other mods (or just not work due to load order) where other mods use the same files. Also, not being a pro, I have no idea if this will break your game or your save game, it's doubtful, but hey, stuff happens.


    Change Log & Revision Notes:
    Files edited:

    ·Version 1.33 Revision Notes:
    - Created for Atlas Rising update. 1.33 compatible
    - Changed Version number to reflect the game version it applies to.
    - Only Updated mod for compatibility

    ·Version 0.1 Revision Notes:
    - Created for Atlas Rising update. 1.3 compatible

    Changes coming soon: Understanding modding better to prevent any conflict and play nice with other mods. Once I get a handle on this I will update the mod. (if anyone is actually interested in this little thing)

    Thanks for the download, hope you enjoy.

  • event_note Changelog

    Version 1.33 was only updated for compatibility no other changes unless the game itself makes changes.  All features were base tested.

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