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    Update Version 2.4

    Changed to match Bruce Cambel's BigThings 2.4 Normal version. Reduces any objects scaled above 5x to 1/2 of that large size.
    zip file includes previous versions

    Update Version 2.0:

    I've halved Bruce-Cambel's BigThings 2.0 which includes fixes to the LOD popping problems in previous versions.
    as outlined below, this is a quick mathematical fix to limit the scaling of things to a maximum of 5x. It looks like Bruce's BigThings 2.0 doesn't contain as many gigantic 10x objects as version 1, and in all honesty this version 2.0 may no longer be useful.

    I've included version 1 and 2 for you to try as you please.

    version 2.o of this MOD scales objects as follows->

    • 53 objects at 1x
    • 28 objects at 2x
    • 18 objects at 3x
    • 9 objects at 4x
    • 6 objects at 5x


    Version 1:

    Like many of you I enjoy the fantastic look of Bruce-Cambel's BigThings mod, however it seemed to me that the mod was a bit too extreme. Some alien plants were reaching into the clouds. And under the normal state of affairs, things are too small. So like Goldilocks, we go for the middle!

    This is a clone of the BigThings mod where scaling is reduced by approx half. This might be a value that can be manipulated elsewhere in the coding at random... but I'm no expert.

    I reduced items as follows->

    • 10x to 5x
    • 7x to 4x
    • 6x to 3x
    • 5x to 3x
    • 4x and under remain the same

    So far I've only been able to test on a few worlds. The effect of extreme pop ups is reduced! I give all credit to Bruce-Cambel, I merely replaced scaling values.

    P.S. In the original game, it appears as tho almost every object is scaled to 1x.

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Drop "_BigThingsHalf_ver2_4.pak" or one of the previous versions into your PCBANKS directory

    Be sure to remove any other BigThings versions.

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