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  • descriptionDescription

    This mod changes the various creature sizes in the game. Specifically:

    Big version has creatures from small to Huge (but less small than Vanilla NMS) so that bigger creatures are more common,
    Bigger version has creatures from Medium to Huge and
    Huge version has all huge Creatures.

    Unlocked Sizes (As requested):
    The Unlocked Sizes version tampers with maximum sizes so that tiny creatures are still possible (Same as Vanilla) but just gives the possibility for some to be Huge. (E.g. Butterflies, Fish, Rodents etc can now be huge.)

    Pick the file that you like best. Also currently there is a global limit to how big creatures can get so don't expect Godzilla sized creatures (Yet)

    For questions, problems, requests etc add me on discord: pamehabai6 #5480

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    I am moving all of my mod downloads to the Nexus website due to security issues here. Press the Download button to be transferred there.

  • event_noteChangelog


    • Tweaked Flying Snake Sizes to make them way bigger.

    V 2.5:

    • Added Unlocked Sizes version as requested


    • Added Huge version


    • Fine-Tuned all values.
    • Renamed the file to _Mod.Pamehabai6.Big.Creatures.pak.
    • Added Even Bigger version (_Mod.Pamehabai6.Bigger.Creatures.pak).
    • Resolved a bug that caused some creatures not to appear.
    • Updated Readme with what I tweaked (That took so much time to make D: ) 

    V 0.11

    • Made it to a zip.
    • Added readme.
    • Moved changes there.

    V 0.1:

    • Initial Release
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