Better Tech Three in Anomaly

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    Better Tech Three - Anomaly


    I adjusted some values in Tech three that you buy in Anomaly for Nanite

    For Example:

    Translate modules translate more words

    B - 1 Word, A - 5 Words, S - 10 Words

    Better protection in Exosuite

    All variants give you +50% 

    Better Mining Experience

    Advanced Mining module give you +100% Mining Speed

    Optical Drill give you +1400% Resources (No more griding)

    Scanner Module give you -90% Scanner recharge and 50% Scan Distance




  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Put file : TechThree.pak into Mod folder in NMS.

    Files Affected:


  • event_noteChangelog

    1.1  - Fixed Ship take off consume too much resources 60% - Now take 10% and after upgrade take 5%.

    1.2 - Tweak down Engine technology on Exocraft - Too much Grip.

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